Solar Pool Heaters - To Build or to Buy  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2009 in Articles

The suns rays are truly free and any energy that can be had from them is also free of charge. It is this, combined with the fact that solar energy is as "green as it gets" that has an increasing number of swimming pool owners taking a close look at solar pool heaters.

A Pool is a Lot of Water to Heat

However; one problem that far too many people have is in estimating the amount of energy that must be gathered by a solar pool heater to actually heat a pool. It is important in the end with a installing an expensive non passive solar pool hear to feel a noticeable effect when it is finally turned on.

More Than a Household System

A household can easily be supplied with hot water from a solar water heating system and you may have already seen these on the roofs of homes already. On the other hand; a swimming pool holds an awful lot of water, so a solar pool heater will naturally be a somewhat larger system.

Building Your Own Solar Pool Heater

If you have the ground space to delegate to a home made solar pool heater there are any number of designs that you can find online but you "will" need a fair amount of ground space. They are basically comprised of massive amounts of black plastic piping that the water will flow through and pick up energy.

Up On the Roof

If you don't have the spare ground space then the only obvious place to look to for installing a non passive solar pool heating system will be on the roof of your home. It's broad, flat and being up high has a clean shot at the sun.

Don't Hack Up Your Roof

However; you would be very well advised not to try to build and mount your own solar pool heater system on the roof of your home. The problems it causes with your roof will completely delete any savings when you have to call in a roofer every time it rains. Your best bet would be to look into a prefabricated, professionally installed solar pool heater for your roof.

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