Solar Pool Heaters - Which is Best?

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2008 in Articles

As we all know Las Vegas is hot. Not just the weather, but the atmosphere and everything else about it is hot. Now the weather is what we are going to concentrate on because we are talking about solar pool heaters Las Vegas. This is a great climate to use a solar heater in and you do not need any other type at all. Las Vegas does not see snow and the off season is the off season because it is too hot, not because it is too cold.

You have a couple of options with a solar pool heater. You can build one yourself, not very difficult, or you can buy one that is already made for you. They are not too expensive and as long as you have a roof of some sort to mount it to you will be able to heat your pool all year round in Las Vegas with absolutely no issues. Here is how it works.

The solar heater is basically going to be a coil of many little tubes that are black. The water from your pool will slowly be pumped out of the pool, through these coils, and back into the pool. While in these black coils the sun will be beating down and warming the water to a higher temperature so that when it enters back into the pool it will create a warmer type of swimming water for you to enjoy.

This is a much better option than an electric or gas powered pool heater for a couple of reasons.

First, the solar heater will not raise your energy bills.

Second, the solar heater has very little upkeep. You may have to replace the pump every couple years, but they only run about $75. Compare that to the maintenance when your electric or gas heater breaks down and you will be saving a bundle.

Third, they are easy to install and you can even build one yourself if you are creative enough.

Last, solar pool heaters Las Vegas are perfect because they work whenever the sun is out, which is about 90% of the daylight hours in Las Vegas.

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