Solar Pool Heating - A Way to Heat Up Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-06-2010 in Articles

What is the use of having a swimming pool in your backyard which you cannot use because of the cold temperature of the pool water? Your investment behind constructing the swimming pool just goes to waste if you do not use your pool. In order to make full use of your pool you can install solar pool heating systems.

There are many systems of heating your pool. They are gas heating systems, electric pump heating systems and solar heating systems. Among them a solar heating system is the best for your pool. This heating systems consist of solar panels, solar rings and covers.

Solar pool panels

You can set up a panel for your pool with an initial investment of around four thousand dollars for an average sized pool. This investment may seem a bit too expensive but trust me, it's worth it. This is because these systems have a life span of around two decades and in that long time you can save a lot on electricity. The biggest advantage of solar panels is that they do not have any working cost. They initial cost is everything that you have to invest for a pool full of warm water. Solar panels are flat structures, which fit into your roof comfortably and are black to absorb the utmost amount of heat from the sun.

Another great thing about these panels is that they use a renewable source of energy, so they are environment friendly and do not cause any pollution. However, these panels have their disadvantages as well. As for example, you cannot have a warm pool if the weather is cloudy and the sun does not come out from the clouds. You also cannot create more or less solar energy as you need. For this reason, you can use solar covers and solar rings with the solar panels.

With these solar heating methods, you can always enjoy a warm pool temperature. Both the cover and the rings are made up of plastic that are U.V. resistant. They absorb the heat from the sun all through the day and during the night stop the water of the pool from evaporating from the pool surface.

If you install the solar pool heating methods once in your pool you will get warm and comfortable water all around the year for years to come. Do not ponder much on the initial investment because you will save up that money on electricity consumption in the next 2 to three years of its usage.

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