Solar Pool Heating - Eco Friendly Cost Cutting  

by Pool Builders on 01-01-2015 in Articles

As the winter season sets its footprints, people have started taking precautions against cold. Although this festive season makes the public bubble with energy, the water sports lose their popularity. Nobody wants to get down into the chilled pool water only to fall sick the next day. Swimming, that is considered to be the best form of exercise throughout the year, takes a back seat. The pools have to be closed down.

This compelled the various clubs and hotels to opt for various technologies to heat up the pool water so that the customer can dive in for a splash and events like pool parties and water polo games can be organized. With its increasing popularity people are now going for the heating solutions for their own individual home pool. In the past few years, solar pool heating solutions have become the widely used one in Tampa.

Previously the pool heating was done either by gas operated heaters or electric heating pumps. Cost of the propane gas that is used in the gas pool heaters is very high. The electric pool heaters are also very power consuming. The operating cost of both the heating systems is very high and they have very harsh effects on environment. A huge amount of pollution takes place through burning the gaseous fuels and we all know that our electricity consumption is directly proportional to our carbon footprints. Solar heating on the other hand is a natural process as well as pocket friendly.

Various new technologies are being launched in the market by the solar pool heating equipments manufacturers of Tampa keeping in mind the rising demand for the products. Not only the solar panels, but now even solar pumps of different capacities can also be used for pool heating.

It has been seen that maximum temperature is lost from the surface of the pool. So while you use any kind of pool heating it is recommended that when the pool is not being used you cover it up. While normal covers just prevent your pool from cooling down solar covers absorbs sunrays and facilitate the heating of your pool as well.

The only thing is that the installation charge of the solar heating system is much more than that of the gas or electrical systems. But even then the latter two comes with a hefty operating which keeps on increasing year by year whereas the solar heating has no operating cost and the extra money invested comes back you in maximum five years and you still enjoy the benefits of the system for ten to fifteen more years.

For purpose like pool spa, this type of heating is in fact more preferable. The other two methods heats up the water artificially, this charges it up with the energy of sunrays which is in fact more beneficial to health also. The initial charges have also been lowered down by bringing in various kinds of low cost panels and solar heating pumps. All these have made the people choose the eco friendly solar pool heating system in Tampa above the other heating methods.

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