Solar Pool Heating - Enjoy All Year Round Swimming

by Pool Builders on 11-04-2010 in Articles

Most of us enjoy the feeling of being near water, but what use is it if it is in your back yard and it's as cold as ice? Swimming pools take up a lot of time and effort, thus we should be able to make use of its meaning whenever we feel like it during all seasons. With the use of solar pool heating systems, your family and friends will be able to enjoy the water all year round and appreciate having a pool. With an impressive 6.4kWh/m2 radiation level, South African pools have no excuse not be enjoyed by their owners all 365 days a year.

Solar pool heating systems may sound expensive at first, but considering the fact that you will no longer have a white elephant in your yard that no one enjoys and is costing you plenty on maintenance. Solar pool heating is an investment every pool owner should have, as your water will be warmed and be kept warm by our suns natural energy for many years to come due to the durable solar equipment. Traditional pool heaters will cost you much more on the long run as it will need to be replaced at some time or the other not to mention the energy consumption and the prove on your electrical bill.

Solar pool heating systems are environmental friendly and require a little or absolutely no maintenance, as there are no moving parts to look after. The heating system is installed directly to your current pool pumps, thus you will not have to buy any additional pumps for the system to work effective. Heating your pool with means of solar energy is considered the best eco-friendly way to warm the water and will not have any effect on your energy consumption. It will also not be responsible for harmful emissions or leave a carbon footprint. Solar pool heating systems vary in sizes depending on the size of your pool.

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