Solar Pool Heating - Maximizing You Swimming Pool Dollars

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2007 in Articles

While having a swimming pool in the back yard can be a lifesaver during the hottest three or four months of the year, many pool owners live in climates where the swimming pool season could be extended well beyond that if they only had a way to keep their pool water comfortable. And they do, with a solar pool heating system!

A solar pool heating system can add as much as six weeks to wither end of the summer pool season, allowing the homeowner to get even more value from the significant investment involved in having a home pool installed. A solar pool heating system will harness heat from the sun and use it to raise the water temperature so that you can continue to swim even when the air temperature has cooled considerably.

The biggest advantage a solar pool heating system has over a traditional one is that its source of power is, of course, free. Once you have paid for your solar pool heating system setup, you won't ever have to spend another nickel to warm your pool. No more increases in the electric or gas bills, and no more concern that you are contributing to the greenhouse gas problem. Just clean, renewable energy for as long as you use your swimming pool.

How A Solar Pool Heating System Works

Your solar pool heating system will be powered by solar panels installed nearby. Your pool water will pass through the warm solar panels, which have collected and stored heat from the sun, and returned to the pool to let you bask in its warmth. Your solar panels will be collecting and storing warmth from the time the sun comes up in the morning until the time it goes down at night.

If you can, find a solar pool heating system with a temperature regulating feature, which will let you control how much heat is stored and transmitted to your pool's water. Barring that, you'll have to physically add or remove panels to and from your panel array to keep the water temperature comfortable.

Cost Of A Solar Pool Heating System

The most significant drawback to installing a solar pool heating system is its cost. You can expect to pay between $2500 and $3500 to heat each four hundred square feet of water, so the solar pool hating system for a 20' x 40' pool will cost between $5000 and $7000. Added to the already high expense of installing a large in ground pool, that price can cause a pool owner to hesitate.

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