Solar Pool Rings  

by Pool Builders on 09-24-2011 in Articles

Looking to swim in your backyard in hot water temperature? An innovative product like Solar Pool Rings are certainly a must try if you want to soak in the enormous heat of your inflatable pool. It certainly comes in a lower price, yet good enough to generate enormous heat in your pool in no time. These very light disks are made up of transparent plastic and minimize water loss.

It has been confirmed that about 21,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat are created by each of these Solar Pool Rings which is enough to back up the amazing power of each ring to retain this much heat in the water. The nighttime air acts as an insulator of heat so that it will stay until the following morning. These have magnets that enhance visibility and minimize resistance in your pool. On the front side, the ring is transparent in view while behind it, it is colored blue, so as to match the water and the swimming pools' ambience.

Before you'll use them, you have to inflate these Solar Pool Rings first. What's amazing about these rings is that they create a raft-like formation, which eliminates any chance of water evaporating out of the pool. Mostly, the magnets do the work which makes this formation possible. Usually, about 70-80% of the pool must be placed with these rings for optimum effectiveness of the product. The number of rings depends on how small or big your pool is. Almost any types of pools, inflatable or below-ground, chlorinated or not, are suitable for these pool rings.

A solar pool ring may be a great alternative for the pool owner not wanting to fuss with a full on cover. With the exploding popularity of solar power, you are going to see many products emerge on the market in the new future. While not quite as effective a solar pool ring, they do help. Both online and in your local retailer you can buy many varieties of solar pool rings in different shapes and sizes.

Pool heating is a very good solar application. The systems are simple and relatively inexpensive. Pool systems usually use simple, low cost, unglazed plastic collectors. The pool itself is the thermal storage for the system, and the pump you already use for filtering pool water will also circulate water through the solar collectors.

Maintaining these solar pool rings [] isn't really that intricate. By just brushing it with sponge while adding a small amount of vinegar solution, your product will be ready for the next use. It's important not to expose them to extreme heat, so temperatures are maintained to a lower normal range if possible. It's one way to keep it going in cleaning up your pool ensuring you a healthier swimming environment for the long run.

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