Solar Sun Rings - The Best Way to Heat Your Pools

by Pool Builders on 09-06-2010 in Articles

Solar sun rings are a cheap way of heating the water of your pool. They are circular disks made up of vinyl which are Ultra Violet ray resistant. They consist of two round layers. The upper layer which is almost transparent in color captures sunlight and transfers it to the lower layer. The lower layer is of a blue shade and its work is to absorb the sunlight from the upper layer and transform it into heat and pass it into the water of the pool.

A better version of the solar pool covers are these solar sun rings. They are easily manageable. They have small magnets attached to their sides which help the rings to stick close and form a raft. These magnets help in the easy movement of all the rings at one go and also they can be easily detached in case of any need. These rings are also pool cleaning friendly. Suppose if the hose of your suction pump gets locked in the ring while cleaning, the ring will detach so that you can easily remove the hose. Moreover as the rings are provided with six magnets, they also reduce the hardness of the water in the pool.

The best thing about solar sun rings is that they are quite cheap. They not only easily fit inside your budget but also save your money in a number of ways. If you keep them in your pool they will not only keep the water of your pool warm but also save the water of your pool from evaporating. This way you can save some money on the cost of water. They also save the chemicals from evaporating from the water surface. So you save money on chemicals too. When you are done with warming your pool water for the day you can turn these rings over to conserve water.

These rings warm the pool throughout the day so the pool becomes quite warm during the day but the good part is that they keep the water of the pool warm also during the night. After coming home from a long day at work what better way of relaxing can you think of other than taking a swim in your warm pool?

So, if you are tired of spending huge amounts of money on heaters and looking for an easy and cheap way of heating your pool you should try the solar sun rings at least once.

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