Solar Swimming Pool Heater - Make One Easily Yourself

by Pool Builders on 06-22-2009 in Articles

Solar energy is an excellent way to heat your swimming pool for next-to-nothing. A solar swimming pool heater will let you enjoy a longer swimming season and keep your pool warm during cooler evenings without worrying about high utility bills. Swimming pool solar heating systems are well able to sustain the warmth of a large volume of water on a daily basis, and are quite capable of keeping the pool temperature at 80 to 85 degrees even in moderate climates.

Installing a swimming pool solar heating system also adds value to your home.

If you decide to buy and install a ready-made solar water heating system you could pay from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the size of the collectors and the installation charges. However, you can make your own solar heating system for an average-sized pool for less than $200, including materials, plans and expert guidance.

Solar pool heaters are connected directly to your existing pool filter system. Throughout the day, while the filter is operating, the pool water is circulated through the solar collectors and returned to the pool. It is possible to have a system without any moving parts, such as a recirculating pump, but this is governed by the daily sunshine activity locally.

The solar collector panels are typically installed on a roof in a position to receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight. Ideally the collectors should face the sun at mid-day and be tilted to your latitude minus 10 to 15 degrees. The total area of the solar collectors will depend on various factors, but expect the area to be at least 50% of the pool size. This might need to be 75% or more if the collector panels are laid flat or facing west. It is not unusual for the collector area to be the same as that of the pool when the site is shaded badly or exposed to strong winds. Because solar collectors tend to take up a lot of space, it is often advisable to mount them on a ground frame or even a suitable fence.

Factors affecting the installation of a solar heating for pools can include:

o Weather and sunlight availability.
o Building codes and safety issues.
o Size of the pool.
o Duration of the swimming season.
o Desired pool temperature level.
o Solar collector efficiency.

You really need the help of an expert to design your solar swimming pool heater system when considering these factors, because only someone with professional experience will be able to suggest the best solar pool heating system for your particular circumstances.

It is very easy to make and fit your own swimming pool solar heating system and you need no special skills or tools. All materials are available from local hardware stores and garden shops.

But, as we have already mentioned, using professional input will ensure that you make a good-quality job. For less than $200, including all plans, instructions, materials and expert guidance, you can have a superb solar water heater system for your pool - quite an inspiring thought!

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