Solar Swimming Pool Heaters - Save Money While You Save the Environment

by Pool Builders on 06-26-2009 in Articles

Solar swimming pool heaters have one the quickest payback times of any alternative energy investment. My biased opinion is that any swimming pool owner should use a solar system.

Because most people only use their swimming pool when the outdoor temperatures are above freezing solar pool heaters have a much simpler design than systems intended to provide hot water for household year-round.

In essence, a contemporary solar pool heater is little changed from the first solar hot water heaters of the late 1800s.

As all pool owners know, pumps continually circulate the water of the swimming pool through filters and the heater. With a solar swimming pool heating system, a solar heater replaces a gas or electric heater.

Since the pump and most of the rest of the plumbing is required anyway, the additional cost of the solar system is minimal.

The principle of most solar pool heaters is simple. You've seen it demonstrated if you've left the garden hose full of water laying on the lawn on a sunny day. When you next turn on the hose, warm water will come out. That water was heated by the sun.

A do-it-yourselfer could make a workable solar pool heater simply by coiling a long length of black plastic piping, placing it in a sunny spot and connecting it to the pool system.

The advantage of commercially produced systems is that they generally are need an appearance and include such niceties as flow control valves and sensors that will automatically bypass the solar heater if it is not warm enough.

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