Solar Swimming Pool Heating

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2009 in Articles

Solar heating panels use the energy from the sun to heat swimming pool water to 10 -15 degrees above air temperature. Cool water from the pool is pumped into the panels using the existing pool pump.

Controllers in the system sense when collectors are warmer than the pool water, and open valves to allow water from the pool to be pumped through the panels and then back into the cooler water, It is important that there is a controller in the system as if the panels were to be running all day the heat that you save during the day would be circulated back to the panels at night and be dumped into the cool night air. The controller can automatically keep the water temperature between 65 degrees Fahrenheit (19 celsius) and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. (38 celsius)

Solar collectors can be made from different materials, from sophisticated multilayered rigid panels to extruded plastic mats, and even basic coils of tube.

Although solar heating is the most economical method of heating your swimming pool, Solar systems have definite limitations. To begin with, they require enough free area in which to install large collector panels, usually on a roof or deck overhang near the pool, and while the heat is free the pool pump needs to be running for long period to circulate the water

Solar energy is an improvement that adds value to your property. It can double the time that you can use your pool each year, giving you and your family more opportunity for fun, exercise and pleasure and could double the value of your investment.

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