Solar Thermal Installation  

by Pool Builders on 09-29-2009 in Articles

More and more people are turning to solar thermal water heating systems as an alternative to using conventional water heating systems. There are many different reasons behind this. Many are willing to spend more initially to save on costs in the long term. As the saying goes; short term pain for long-term gain. For others, they are thinking more strategically, installing solar thermal water heating systems as a way of adding more value to their property.

There are many points you should consider before you decide to make your purchase. You should think about:

How much hot water will you realistically be using?

Where are you located?

How does the cost of installing a solar water heating system compare to other water heating systems?

What is a solar thermal water heater?

A solar thermal water heater uses the sun's radiation to heat the water. You will find that most solar thermal water heaters will include storage tanks and solar collectors. Many solar thermal water heaters can be used alone or in conjunction with a conventional water heating system.

What is the mechanism behind a solar thermal water heater?

The dynamics behind how the water gets heated is quite straight forward. The sunlight hits the solar thermal collectors which in turn absorb the energy from the sun. This energy is then transferred to the water in the storage tank. The solar loop is responsible for preheating the water before coming into the water heater. This essentially means that very little or no energy is required by the conventional heater to heat up the incoming hot water. It is always useful to have the conventional water heater there as a back up device just in case a drab and gloomy day decides to make an appearance.

Solar thermal system to use in swimming pool heating

Solar thermal heating has been popular for use in swimming pools. Especially if the pool only needs to be used during the summer, this method of heating can be the most cost effective way. The system is likely to be less complicated to use as it will not need to be operated all year long. The dynamics of a solar pool heating system will usually comprise of solar collectors, pipe work, heat exchanger, and a control system. The installation of the parts will depend on a variety of factors, such as the specification and location.

What are the main advantages behind installing a solar thermal water heating system?

There are various advantages to installing a solar thermal water heating system. The main one which will apply to you will depend on your individual circumstances, and reasoning's behind your purchase. If you wish to install it for environmental reasons you are making the right choice as solar thermal water heaters reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. If you are doing it to save money, again the savings you can make can be life altering.It has been reported that installing a solar thermal water heating system can save up to five times the energy used by an electric boiler.

Do not underestimate the power of a solar thermal water heater.

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