Solar Water Pool Heaters Are the Best Improvement For Your House, Especially DIY Heaters!

by Pool Builders on 11-03-2009 in Articles

A DIY Solar water pool heater provides great advantages compared to standard gas or electric heaters or a heater installed by a contractor. Don't you also think it is annoying? Unused swimming pools when the weather is just a little colder than usual! With a Homemade Solar heated swimming pool this problem is over. Because of this system you can swim a couple of months per year longer.

But what is the reason that you will get a DIY solar water pool heater in the place of a heater installed by a professional contractor or a standard gas or electric heater?

1. Cut down your energy bill with DIY Solar water pool heater. With a solar system the sun offers free power and with a usual heater your power bill will continue to grow.

2. Cut down your installation cost. You should be aware that a professional solar contractor will ask you more than $4.000 for the installation of this system. But you pay less than $1.000 for a full installation with numerous panels when you make it by yourself.

3. You are able to go swimming many months longer than you normally do

4. Help saving the earth. Your carbon footprint will be reduced with a solar heated swimming pool.

It doesn't matter in what kind of climate you live in! Many think that a Solar water pool system is only working in hot sunny climates. But that is not right! The DIY system operates in a cold climate perfectly well and manages to heath your pool to summer temperatures. So there is no reason whatsoever for you why you couldn't purchase a Homemade solar pool heater. A Homemade heater is a wonderful option for both an above ground or an in ground pool! The sun will do the hard part for you, after you have installed the system you can sit down and relax.

A DIY Solar water pool installation has four important parts: a collector, a pump, a filter and a control valve. In colder climates there have to be made some alterations to the system. Does the temperature in your area drop below freezing point every now and then? It´s no problem, but you should make some changes to your regular solar system.

For almost nothing a Homemade solar water pool heater. To buy a professional installed solar pool heater would cost you more than a few thousands of dollars. With a Homemade heater you will get a system that will cost you between $100 - $1000 depending on the size of your pool and your climate. With a DIY system you will not only save money on your electricity bill, but you will as well live green. Lots of greenhouse gases are released when you have a normal gas swimming pool system. With a Homemade heater you can still have your dream come true! Having a clean planet and having your own swimming pool heater.

Be careful that you not let any heat escape unnecessary. When you are heating your swimming pool with a DIY solar heater you are doing great. However you shouldn't relay solely on your pool system and you should give it a little help. At all times be certain that you have a good pool cover! When you don't have such a cover the heat loss will be huge.

Conclusion. Do not hesitate any longer and get yourself a Homemade solar pool heater. They reduce your energy bill, they don't release any greenhouse gases and they are low-priced! Get rid of your electric or gas heater! They only cost you money.

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