Solutions for Swimming Pool Pests

by Pool Builders on 06-07-2011 in Articles

Relaxing under the sun while swimming in the beautiful water of your swimming pool is probably one of the most satisfying and fun way of celebrating any day, especially during the hot season. However, the fun and excitement can always be put into a halt when pool pests such as wasp, bees, paper wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and many other type of insects begin to flock around the pool area. A bee sting can end any activity as this can result into a serious pain problem especially for those who have allergies from insect bites.

There's no need to fret though in case you start on seeing these unwelcome visitors near your pool as there are always effective solutions in getting them out of your territory. All you need to do is to carefully plan and execute these solutions in order to successfully chase them away from your swimming pool and get rid of them permanently.

First and foremost you need to have an idea on what attracts them into your pool. Fruit juice, sweets and other types of foods and beverages always contribute in the attraction of insects into your pool area. Make sure that you clean the area surrounding your pool after using it or after you finished eating near the pool. This is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of discouraging any type of insects from coming back or staying somewhere the swimming pool area.

You can also use insecticides to permanently get rid of them. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer's guide on the dosage of the chemical before you use it on the insects as too much of this product can harm not only the pests but also humans, animals and your plants. Spraying with a complete set of clothing protection should be followed to avoid getting in contact with the poison. Safety goggles as well as a face mask are the most important things to have in case you resort to using chemicals.

If you don't approve the use of chemicals in the pool area and the places surrounding it, the smoking method is also worth a try as it is proven to take care of the pests when done regularly. Not only is this method safe for humans and animals, you don't add to the chemical pollution in the air. Make sure though that you are only smoking these pests with the use of leaves, grasses, and perhaps dried branches. Using plastic and rubber materials is harmful to the environment as well as to the respiratory system when inhaled.

One of the most popular ways of attracting and destroying flies, bees, wasps and almost all types of flying insects is the old Native American method of placing a slice of meat somewhere near the hive of the insects. This method uses soap and water mixture to get past the wax cover of the body of insects such as bees and wasps in order to keep them in the water. The popularity of this method never wades since its first discovery due to its effectiveness in taking out pests of the sky.

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