Some Essential Guidelines When Cleaning Out Your Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 03-12-2013 in Articles

It's quite a luxury to have a swimming pool in your home. It's not like every household can have the budget for this. That's why you should take very good care of your pool and maintain it properly. It may be quite an expensive investment, but you can also derive so much happiness from it. Think of the wonderful activities you can have! You won't even have to worry about exercising regularly. You can improve your figure just by regularly swimming some laps. Moreover, you also get to save on those weekend family outings during the spring and summer months.

For these reasons and more, keeping your pool in the best of conditions is an absolute must. Remember that if you're not meticulous enough, you're also creating a very unhealthy environment for your family. It's definitely not recommended to have your kids swimming in a dirty and unkempt pool. Here are some essential guidelines which can help you with the cleaning task. Number one, take note that you should always monitor the water in your pool. That's because pool water is prone to accumulating foreign elements. This is certainly true when your pool is often being used.

Use proper filters for the pool and regularly clean this once in a week. Check the skimmer baskets as well and clean them once a week, too. Second, during the summer months, monitor the pool chemistry twice or thrice in a week. In the winter months, just do this once a week since you won't be using the pool as much. It will be necessary to make regular adjustments to the deck-chlor/inline chlorinator. You have to ensure that the chlorine levels are maintained regularly so that the water is kept nice and clean. If your pool uses a salt water chlorine generator, see to it that you clean the blades once a month.

Number three, the tiles have to be cleaned once a week during summer and once every two weeks during winter. It's quite a big task, so call in your troops to help out. Use long-handled pool brushes for this purpose. Plus, be sure to use a good brand of pool cleaner. You will find it frustrating to remove dirt, lint, algae, and the like from your tiles if you use cheap types of cleaners. Last but not the least, keep animals, chemicals, and vegetation away from your pool. Some of these are food for algae. If you find these tasks time-consuming, you can always hire a professional to do them.

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