Some Tips Regarding Above Ground Pool Ladders  

by Pool Builders on 04-16-2008 in Articles

Above ground pool ladders are something that most people will devote very little thought to over the course of their life time. However; if you are making preparations for having an above ground pool installed in your back yard then above ground pool ladders are something that you are going to have to take a good look at and come to some sort of a decision on.

Most people don't realize that virtually every person that jumps into an above ground pool is going to have to use the ladder to get out, so that means that the ladder on an above ground pool is going to be getting a lot of use.

Also you may want to consider having more then one of them installed, so people have more then one exit option when they are swimming. Above ground pool ladders are a functional pool item and while they do come in a few different styles, it is their €ease of use€ and €last ability€ that you will want to take mostly into consideration.

One thought is to take a look at the people and children that are going to be using your above ground pool and take that into consideration when choosing one or more above ground pool ladders.

If you have one or more teenage boys or one closing in on his teens then you have to understand that teen boys can tear around a pool pretty good and the ladder or ladders will get a good workout with them chasing each other up and down them.

If this is your case, then you would be well advised to look for a nice solid ladder that can take a better pounding then a cheaper built model. However; if you are having a smaller pool installed and your kids are young and more docile than adrenaline fueled teens then you can consider saving some money on a less expensive lighter pool ladder.

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