Some Tips To Help You Choose an Inground Pool Pump

by Pool Builders on 09-20-2010 in Articles

Before you spend your hard earned money on something like an inground pool pump, you should take a little time to do some research. You want to find a pump that can suit your needs but also one that can be purchased at an affordable price. You could simply go by the recommendation of someone at your local pool supply store but with a little further investigation you can make sure you're getting the best pump at the best price.

One of the first things to take into consideration is the size of your pool. You will need a pump that can move enough water through your filter to keep your pool clean. If you're not moving enough water through the filter there will be dirt and debris in your pool and you will develop an algae problem. If your swimming pool holds 10,000 gallons of water a 3/4 horsepower pump should be able to easily move enough water to keep your filter, pool sweeper, skimmer, and other equipment working properly.

The horsepower for an in ground pool pump will usually range from 1/2 hp to 3 hp and there are other options to consider as well. There are pumps that run 115 V or 230 V. Pumps may be available in single speed, two speed, or variable multispeed designs. Different designs may help the pump run more efficiently and help you save money on energy costs which is definitely something to take into consideration before selecting an in ground pool pump.

When you've thought about the number of gallons your pool holds and the horsepower you might need, the voltage of the pump, the energy efficiency etc. it would be a good idea to find some online reviews to see what others have to say. Getting feedback from other people that have purchased and used a pump that you might be considering is very valuable. This type of information can help you avoid making a costly mistake by purchasing the wrong type of pump.

Obviously, before you purchase an in ground pool pump you have to make sure that it will work well for your pool but gathering some information and reviews from previous customers of various pumps will help you make an informed decision and give you the best chance of making a purchase that you will not regret.

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