Some Tips When Choosing Your New Hot Tub  

by Pool Builders on 02-21-2012 in Articles

Those who want to get away for a relaxing vacation will find that one of the best things to do is to go to a spa for a weekend or week long escape. Doing so will allow them to relax both their body and their mind. And, if they have aching joints and muscles, a spa is good for them as well.

Some would argue that it is all in the mind. But it is much more than that. Research studies have shown that going to a spa does lead to better physical and mental health. In fact, many, find the experience so exhilarating that they decide to build a spa in their home or back yard.

Balneotherapy is a term that has sometimes been used interchangeably with the phrase 'spa treatment'. Balneotherapy is a natural approach to treating illnesses. Specifically, it is the scientific discipline of using water treatments to alleviate problems with the body. More specifically, it is often used to improve blood circulation, detox the body, help to heal injuries, and help to relax the mind. Having a spa in your home, lets you take advantages of all these benefits whenever you wish.

The various types of spa constructions give you a variety of choices as to where to locate it. The biggest decision is whether to place it indoors or outdoors. If you already have a swimming pool, you can easily build it into the pool. That way it can share the heating and filtering equipment already installed in the pool. If you don't have a pool, you have a choice between installing an in-ground spa or an above the ground spa.

In the seventies, for those who could afford them, the most popular types of spas were the in-ground ones. However, these days, they are much less popular. Mainly, this is because the cost of installing an in-ground spa, is not too far removed from the cost of installing a swimming pool. So, most people leaning towards an in-ground spa will install a pool instead, and simply have a built-in spa as part of it. For those whose heart is not set on an in-ground spa, a pre-fabricated spa will serve their needs just fine.

The earliest spas were generally made out of wood. Typically, it would be a good rot resistant wood like as redwood. This would enable it to hold water without being damaged. The shape would be in the shape of huge barrels with the slats held together by steel bindings.

As it turns out, however, wood was not exactly the best choice. In fact it usually an unsanitary choice which often allow bacteria to get out of control. As a result, many of the newer spas are made of fiber glass.

However, it is easy to see the attraction of wood. It can provide a real touch of elegance to a spa. As a result, many manufacturers will have the exterior constructed of wood, for aesthetic purposes, while having the interior made of fiberglass, acrylic, vinyl, or some other sanitary surface.

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