Some Useful Tips to Find and Repair Most Swimming Pool Leaks  

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2014 in Articles

As time passes, most swimming pool owners can find that water is leaking out of their pool. But, how would you judge from where the leak is coming? In this article some common tips are given to find leak and for repair of them. There are different causes of water loss in swimming pools such as leaks may be due to plumbing defects, leaks may occur due to shell leaks and another reason may be due to normal evaporation of water or excessive splash. The last reason should be ruled out because evaporation may take place in the presence of sun and divers may splash a lot of water during swimming. You can take help from experienced and professional workers for repair of swimming pools.

Therefore, it is important to determine if the leak is due to evaporation or splash or due to some other reason. You can perform an experiment to rule out this option. You may keep a bucket filled with water at the same level as that of the swimming pool. Keep it there for some days and do not allow anybody to enter inside it. If you see there is loss of water from the bucket and water level goes down to the same level in both the bucket and the swimming pool then it means that it is surely due to evaporation but if water level in your swimming pool is much lower than the water level in the bucket then it indicates some other leak in your pool. You have to determine the leak as quickly as possible.

If you detect pool leak, then look around filter and pump first. If you notice any dampness around that area, it means there is some leak and you need to find out the place from where the water is coming. There must be a connection of pipe from where the leak may occur. You may turn on the pump to check. If you see any leak then you may repair the leak yourself or you may call a professional for repair of swimming pools. If there is no leak in this area then the leak may be in the shell and for this you need to hire a professional. Therefore, the most important thing is to find the leak and then hire a professional for repair of them. This will help to solve your problem.

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