Some key benefits of Starite pumps  

by Pool Builders on 12-08-2011 in Articles

Starite, the company was founded in the year 1934 in Delavan Wisconsin. Since its inception, this brand leaded the way in manufacture of high performance pumps for different uses. This brand has been a leading provider in long-lasting reliable products. Its products are highly reliable and you can always count on them to supply you with water that you require. This brand has a wide range of residential as well as commercial clients. It has been providing efficient plumbing products in across 100 countries all across the world.

Starite offers some of the best and the broadest range of products in the plumbing industry. Some of their highest selling product categories are jet pumps, centrifugal pumps, 4 inch submersible well pumps with Pentek motors, Pentek pump motors, controls and packages, sump pumps, sewage pumps, effluent pumps, pressure boosting pumps, water tanks and emergency dewatering pumps. Starite pumps are famous for their incredible durability, efficient performance and less energy requirement. These pumps are low on maintenance. They come at competitive prices and hence most buyers prefer statrite pumps over other brands. These pumps come in a pool of different models and some of these are equipped with high end features like a convenient tank winterising drain, multiport selector valve apart from continuous air relief systems.

Benefits of Starite pumps

There are various benefits of installing Starite pumps in water tanks and pools. Firstly, they help cleaning the tank water and removing all forms of dirt and impurities. These pumps are effective in removing inorganic and organic dirt like grass, slime, leaves, scum and oil that collects in the tank or the pool over a period of time. The stagnant water of the tank is a perfect place for disease causing larvae and other harmful bacteria to breed and multiply. These pollutants can cause fatal skin diseases, jaundice, skin rashes and some other water borne diseases. They are quite dangerous for the well being of the regular swimmers. With pumps, these impurities can be removed from time to time and the pool water or the tank water remains free from bacteria and other pollutants. Apart from removing the visible pollutants and contaminants, these starite pumps also remove all untraceable elements that may not be visible to the naked eye. Starite pumps help in frequent water circulation which aides in equal distribution of essential chemicals in the pool or tank waters. When there is consistent circulation of water, your pool or water tank remains sparkling clean. You can enjoy a fresh dip in the swimming pool. Also, with a clean pool, there is less pressure on the pump and the equipment. This results in low pool maintenance costs.

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