Some of the Reasons Parents Often Use to Justify Never Teaching Their Children to Swim  

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2012 in Articles

It is easy to justify being lazy or unaware about your child and swimming lessons, is it not? Do you know what is more ideal? We will tell you! Teaching your child how to survive should he or she make it into a pond or swimming pool unbeknownst to you is the best thing you can do. It is much better to hear your child screaming while grasping the edge of a swimming pool than to find him or her lying on the bottom. Whilst this may be shocking and morbid, it may be just what you need to consider in order to take this topic seriously. The topic is swimming lessons and how important they are so pay attention, parents.

How Most Water Accidents Can Be Avoided

Alright, we will concede to the fact that falling overboard from a major cruise liner is probably not going to end well. However, what about falling into a swimming pool, when you do not know how to swim? It seems both of these scenarios could be equally as tragic, would you not agree? The difference in the two situations is that one can have a much better outcome than the other. If a child falls into a swimming pool and he or she has had swimming lessons then there is a huge chance that child will know how to swim to the edge and call for help, provided he or she is too small to figure a way out of the water. In fact, there is probably no time limit to how long your child could actually hold onto the edge of a pool, which would give you plenty of time to get to him or her!

Still Not Convinced Swimming is an Important Skill?

What about you and your affinity for water, and/or swimming? Do you know how to swim? If the answer is no then perhaps that is why you have not taught your child, and this makes perfectly good sense. Fortunately, for you, both you and your baby can learn to swim. It is never too late, until it is too late! Find a swim instructor who is able to help you overcome your fear of the unknown and teach your child to swim at the same time. Your child may not be the only one falling in the water, as bizarre things happen all the time. You should know it is best you know how to swim as well. After all, there may come a time when you have to jump in the water to save your child, and if you cannot swim, you will be absolutely useless.

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