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A Swim Spa in Spain is a counter current swimming pool that shares the same concept and ideas as a Hydrotherapy Massage Spa and Jacuzzi style Hot Tub.

A Swim Spa is the ideal pool for the practise of regular water exercise, swimming or even aqua-jogging, with the comfort and relaxation of the pleasant soothing warm water.

Considering that all the operating equipment, Heaters and pumps are compact it is even a possibility of being portable, a Swim Spa can easily be placed in a garden, terrace or even in the interior of a house. A roof or pent house terrace is also a possibility subject to the weight and loading requirements.

A swim spa has very many advantages some of which are :-


With an adjustable water flow of between 730 and 2.200 litres per minute, the swim spa can be adjusted to each and every style of swimming and to varying degree of exercise levels.

With a varying number of high flow hydro therapy massage jets, sufficient pumps and air regulators a swim spa can create the ideal water flow for the intensity of exercise desired.

The water temperature is fully adjustable and can be set up to 40ºC and can be adjusted either for a swimming activity or orientated to relax or for exercise such as aqua jogging.

A swim spa should have an anti-slip floor combined with sufficient depth of say 130cm to 140cm so that it can also be used for aquajogging.


The water temperature of the swim spa can be kept always at the desired temperature so it can be used anytime and indeed at any time of the year.

Swim Spa are usually Equiped with LED lights, so as to create fantastic lighting conditions and environments to be used at night.

Water treatment

Contrary to the conventional swimming pools the swim spa needs low maintenance to keep the water clean and in its perfect condition.

A well made swim spa will be equipped with an efficient filtration system, with three cartridge filters and a fit and proper circulation pump.

Also as with modern Jacuzzis a swim spa should be equipped with a ozone generator (O3) to help purify the water.


With proper isolation and a isothermical cover the swim spa is very efficient in the energy consumption to keep the water at the desired temperature.

To maintain the water temperature of a swim spa it will require more or less 1 € per day.


A swim spa can be equiped with panels and a structure (stainless steel or galvanized iron) and as all the equipment is assembled in its interior, the swim spa can be a portable swimming pool.

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