Spa Pool Definition and Maintenances  

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Spa Pool Definition and Maintenances

Spa pool also well known as Jacuzzi is a special pool that using powered jets to create pressure in water. There are cold and hot spa pools. Spa pool is being use for water therapy.

Spa pool could be place together with swimming pool, outdoor or indoor or at a difference location depending on preference. Most spa or hotels provide the spa pool.

With lifestyle spa pools also could have in your house. There are choice of shapes, styles, sizes and additional equipment available. The luxurious pool also support by pool house or cabana.

Spa Pool Maintenance

Intensive maintenance required for spa pool. If you would like to have your own spa pool or may spa pool business; you need to get more information about all the aspect.

Some guidelines can be useful for spa pool:

- A competent person to do an assessment of the hazards/risk and in charge for operation and maintenance and use of spa pool.

- To have trained lifeguards to supervise when the pool open

- Alarm system or emergency phone with direct connection to operator to be monitored in 24 hours.

- When an unmanned spa pool is in use, there should be person in charge visit the spa pool regularly at least every two hours and written record provided.

- Public pool should display the opening time at entrance to the pool and when not in use, fencing, ropes and appropriate signage to be used to indicate clearly that the spa pool is closed.

Water Quality

Pool water should be crystal clear, good color, clarity and attractive appearance. To check the clarity, the main drain to be observed and whenever the main drain is not visible, the pool is closed

Chemical Monitoring

To get clear water, spa pool using chemical such as chlorine, bromine or Biquanide.

Chlorine is the most effective way to sanitize water however people hate the smell of chlorine. Chlorine will oxidize fast due to sun. The other chemical being use is bromine. This is the sister of chlorine; it is introduced the same way as chlorine. Biquanide also used and it has less of chlorine smell.

Instead of using chemical or chlorine, there most effective to treat the spa pool is using ionizer. Ionic silver is disinfectant and being proved to prevent bacterial growth, and treat potable water from all space travel. Ionic silver is more effective than chlorine.

The Plant Room

To control all the water quality, blower, and water temperature there is room to keep all the machines (pump, filter, and other system) or plant room.

This room is the central of maintenance of spa pool operational. Only authorized and train person to enter this room. The plant room provide safety for such as protective equipment; apron, boots, gloves, gauntlets, eye protection, eye wash, respirator, first aid box.

Some machine to be check; auto-dosing equipment is functioning correctly; alarm to indicate failure of the auto-dosing equipment and chlorine gas detector.

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