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by Pool Builders on 08-02-2012 in Articles

Competition is increasing every day. People are living a tension and stress filled life. Energy costs are also increasing. To worry about maintaining, homeowners have energy-using products both inside and outside. These days, efficiency in energy consumption is very important. Not only for the environment but also for oneâEUR(TM)s pocket, it is necessary to conserve energy. Spas do use a significant amount-heating up even a small space uses up a lot of energy, although it doesn't use as much energy as a swimming pool.
Landscape can be used extensively offering several advantages. Cutting down on the energy in your hot tub uses, planting trees and shrubbery or blocking your spa from the wind in other ways can help. Meaning you spend less time and energy heating up your Spa pools, using landscaping in this way acts as an insulation of sorts and reduces heat loss.
Minimum possible heat should be used. To using less energy, this is probably the most obvious but most overlooked solution. Help can also be offered by even setting your spa a few degrees lower. You can turn it off and just enjoy the water that has already been heated is another solution to consider is that after you have your heater going for a while. As the water's heat level could be maintained for a short period of time, having the heater going the entire time you are using your spa isn't entirely necessary.
At times, when it's cheapest, one should use energy. For heating up the pool as well, this is a good tip. One must realize that at particular times, the use of power could be more costly than others. Energy is usually cheaper, when the demand for power is lowest. You'll have to do some research in your area as these hours can fluctuate based on location.
An important part of spa energy efficiency, spa covers also play a role. Since spa covers acts as an insulator, the energy is conserved. Taking less time to heat up, the temperature inside of the spa will be warmer. Getting a solar cover for your swim spa, you should also consider. Up to fifteen degrees, these blankets can warm your spa. To heating up the spa, solar covers give a head start. At a pool supply store, check out solar covers.
While you're gone, turn your thermostat down or off. Like while on vacation or maybe you don't use it much during a particular season, if you know you won't be using your spa for a period of time, what's the point in maintaining temperature. Like filtration systems and your pool cleaner, you should keep certain pool appliances going, but if there's no one around to take a dip, you don't need your thermostat running.

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