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by Pool Builders on 08-24-2010 in Articles

With so many great package deals on spas out right now around Perth, why not indulge in a little luxury and comfort? Get into your very own spa pool.

The combination of warm water and turbulent jets makes a spa pool the ultimate luxury in relaxation. A variety of jets set into the floor or the back of the seats provide thousands of bubbles to give you a soft, sensuous hydrotherapy massage.

The wide choice of in-ground and portable spa [] pools available today means that there is at least one to suit your individual requirements. You have the flexibility to situate it outdoors, on its own or as part of your swimming pool, or indoors. Just about every home can fit a spa pool and there is always a model available to suit any price range.

The size of a spa pool can range from one large enough to seat twelve people, to a spa bath that is perfect for one. The size that you require depends on how you want to use it, how much space you have available and your budget.

You can buy a new spa pool from a showroom, or one can be custom built on site from concrete or other masonry products. Because of their popularity, today's spas come in a stunning range of colours that will suit any inside décor or outdoor entertainment area. There are also a wide variety of shapes and jet types to choose from.
The introduction of massive swim spas has seen more and more people being able to be seated comfortably into a spa, making them an ideal social venue all year round and a great substitute for a swimming pool when space is restricted. Some spas, such as Australia's first fibreglass swim spa - the Dual Zone, feature a pool section and a spa all in the one unit. This particular design is available in a 6m and 8m long unit, to suit your own backyard and amount of swimming space needed.

When looking at spa designs and shapes, keep in mind how you want to use it. Make sure the spa is easy to get into and out of, especially if children or older people are going to use it. Entry steps and grab rails are especially useful for this purpose.

The introduction of portable spa pools means that investing in a spa is no problem for people who are often on the move. The installation of a portable spa is quick, easy and inexpensive and they are easy to transport to your new home when you move.

A spa pool is healthy, relaxing and a lot of fun. The deliciously warm water means that it can be enjoyed all year round, even when it is outdoors. Selecting the right one for you is a matter of shopping around and deciding between the endless range of sizes, shapes and colours available.

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