Splash Down in the Aguamar Water Park  

by Pool Builders on 05-26-2010 in Articles

Do you love heading out to a hot country to enjoy a great summer holiday? If you do, you will know the value of having somewhere to go that allows you to keep cool in the water.

Of course there are plenty of beaches you can try out, and some people certainly love lazing around and getting a nice suntan all day. But wouldn't you rather spend a day at a water park instead?

In Ibiza you have the Aguamar Water Park to try. This is situated in Playa Den Bossa, and it has the advantage of being only around ten minutes away from the popular location of Ibiza Town.

What can you expect when you get inside the park? Will there be lots of rides waiting for you?

Indeed there will, and as you will see pretty much everything is built around the central swimming pool area. Some of the other rides feed into this area so if you are visiting with friends and family you will be able to see them splashing down into the pool from some of the slides. The pool area is not the same as a traditional swimming pool, as it is built more for people to splash around in rather than actually swim in. This is no bad thing, since this is what the park is intended for.

You will find seven separate types of slides here, so if you love trying out lots of different ones you won't get bored at any point. The good thing you will soon notice is that you can choose whether you want to go down some of the slides on your own or with someone else. A variety of rubber rings available to use on various rides makes this a possibility.

For example you can try the Black Hole on your own if you are daring enough. This fast and furious ride takes you through the darkness and finally out into the pool below. If you pick the right rubber ring you can sit in it and experience the screaming along with someone else as well.

A couple of the other faster water chutes splash down into their own smaller pool too. Even then they aren't too far from the rest of the park. If you are tired and you want to have a break for a while, you will easily be able to find somewhere to lie back and relax - in the shade too, if you want to get out of the sun for a while.

Flights to Ibiza are frequent during the summer months. So you could be touching down on the island and getting ready to tackle the Aguamar Water Park much sooner than you think.

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