Splish, Splash Into Swimming Pool Safety

by Pool Builders on 06-24-2010 in Articles

Splish, Splash we weren't taking a bath, but we were having a whole lot of fun! Rub a dub we weren't bathing in the tub but there was a swimming party going on. Summer time fun conjures up plans for fun in the sun with friends and family.

Pool parties are a popular activity if you are fortunate enough to own one or know someone who has one. One of the reasons for pool popularity is that having fun in the pool is not limited to any particular age, and neither is pool safety.

It would be nice if we were like fish and able to breathe under water, but we aren't. The second most common cause of death among children under the age of 14 is drowning. It happens so quick, sometimes in less then two minutes after the head goes under the water. Accidents happen and while all accidents cannot be prevented we have a lot of control through safety measures to limit accidents and prevent drownings.

Owning and operating a pool requires a lot of responsibility. And it is up to you to provide a safe and fun experience. Some basic pool safety tips to help ensure a fun and safe time in the pool are:

1. Get training in basic water rescue, first aid, and CPR.
2. Have all family members learn to swim as soon as possible.
3. Have a designated place for first aid equipment readily available at the pool and let everyone know where it is located.
4. Have a phone at the pool in case of an emergency and you have to call 911.
5. Have pool rules and Enforce pool rules. When having a party go over the rules, so adults and children know what is expected.
6. Supervise children at all times. Adults need to keep a constant eye on children in the pool. It is recommended that a parent stay close enough to be able to reach out and touch their child at all times.
7. Make sure everyone knows how deep the pool is. That way those who can't swim well will know where they can play in the shallow end. Those who can swim well can be in the deep end.
8. Do not allow diving into the pool unless there is a diving board or the pool is sufficiently deep enough.
9. Do not swim alone. Most of us understand why a child shouldn't swim alone, but this rule applies to adults also. Accidents just happen.
10. Don't run, walk in the pool area. It is usually wet, and falls can happen fast.
11. Do not chew gum or have food in mouth while in pool as this is a chocking hazard. Someone might come up behind them and playfully grab them causing them to choke
12. Have Coast Guard approved life vests for those who are not good swimmers. Put life vests on those who can't swim and want to get in the pool.

To further prevent injuries and drownings you can add another layer of safety:

1. Cover the pool drain with a safety guard, and teach children to stay away from the drain and filters. Pool drains can trap a child under water.

2. There should be a fence separating the pool from the house. The fence should be at least four to five feet high with a self closing and self latching gate. When not in use the gate should be locked.

3. An alarm should be placed on the gate to the pool to notify you that someone is entering the pool area when they should not be. These alarms start at $30 and up. A small price to prevent an injury or drowning.

4. The pool should have its own access separate from the house.

5. Also available are pool alarms that warn you when the water is disturbed. They start around $260.

None of these safety measures are a guarantee that your pool will be injury free or drown proof. It does give you a layer of protection. Which means that if you have adult supervision, your enforcing all the pool rules, the pool drain is covered, you've installed the fence with gate alarms, your family has had swimming lessons, and the adults have basic first aid and CPR training; all these things have to fail before a child can drown in your pool.

The list may seem overwhelming, but it really doesn't take much time to do. The basic thing we want to do is to make sure our children are having good summer fun in a happy and healthy environment. The reward for you and your family will be the enriching memories you have created simply by providing them with a fun and safe atmosphere.

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