Spring Is The Season For Above Ground Pool Installation  

by Pool Builders on 04-06-2011 in Articles

With the arrival of spring, everyone begins thinking about warmer days. The economy is still tight, forcing many people to downsize their summer vacations. Rather than spending hard-earned money on a trip that lasts only a week, consider using it to purchase an above ground swimming pool. It is cheaper to purchase and install above ground pool systems than inground pools and the family will get years of enjoyment, rather than just a short stint at the beach.

Even cheap above ground pools are manufactured to high standards of quality, lasting for many years. Purchasing an above ground swimming pool is easy: simply select your location in the yard, choose the pool size and style, and schedule installation. Professionals can install above ground pool systems in only one day. Spring is the time to schedule installation so the pool will be ready before the warm weather arrives.

Waiting into the late spring and summer months will cause the family to miss days of outdoor enjoyment. Many people wait until the weather is warmer to schedule installation. Therefore, there are a lot more families in line for an install, creating a backup during the months when the pool can be most enjoyed. Early birds get to swim while others are sweating it out in the yard under the sprinkler.

An above ground pool with an 18-inch diameter starts at a price of about $1,800. In addition to their low cost, these pools can be easily removed, if necessary. A high-quality model lasts about 15 to 20 years, with the liner needing replacement every five to seven years depending on frequency of use. Upkeep is minimal and a kit can be purchased that includes a vacuum, winter cover, and ladder, saving additional money. Other optional accessories include an automatic cleaner, heater, and solar blanket.

Before determining the shape and size of the pool, consumers should research local regulations regarding installation. Some city ordinances require the structure to be situated a certain distance from a fence and certain fence height or permitting may be required. Once this is determined, the size and shape of the pool can be selected. Diameters range from 12 to 30 feet, with 18 feet or larger being the most popular. This size permits a family of four enough swimming and play room without overcrowding.

Round and oval are the two common shapes of above ground swimming pools. The structure is supported by vertical steel posts, a wide top ledge, and steel walls. Modern styles of oval pools do not require extra space in the yard for post installation. Liners that are 20-30 millimeters thick are considered the most durable. For an 18-foot pool, the pump should be at least one horsepower and feature a sand filter.

After the size, shape, and accessories are selected, the next step is to install above ground pool structures and plumbing. Families can schedule the installation and rest assured that the job will be completed within one day. While the neighbors are still considering what to do with the yard, the family will be relaxing and swimming.

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