Spring Pool Opening Tips

by Pool Builders on 04-28-2008 in Articles

Spring has finally arrived and it's time to think about opening your swimming pool for the season. What terrors lurk under the seemingly innocent winter cover? What expensive and time-consuming issues will face you this season before the pool can be fun?

Here are a couple of proven tips that can help get your pool in shape and ready for summer fun and relaxation.


Algae is often a problem when opening a pool after a long winter. A little light through some pinholes in the winter cover, no chlorine in the water and voila, algae blooms unrestrained. As unsightly as it is, getting rid of a spring case of algae shouldn't be difficult, expensive or time consuming.

If you discover algae when you open your pool the first thing to do is get your pump and filter set up and functioning properly. Once the pump and filter are up and running simply add algaecide to the pool according the to dosage guide on the container. Use only concentrated algaecide with active ingredients at least 50% of the contents. Look for quaternary ammonia or polyquaternary ammonia as the main active component.. These two chemicals are extremely potent and leave little or no residue.

Once added, LEAVE THE POOL ALONE for at least 4 hours with the pump running.. Many people want to shock the pool right away under the mistaken notion that chlorine kills algae. Chlorine alone will not kill algae (that's why algaecide is sole) but will knock out the algaecide just added if used right away. Give the algaecide time to kill the infestation and THEN shock the pool with chlorine to break down the dead material so it can be filtered. Make sure to check the filter pressure and backwash when indicated. The whole procedure shouldn't take more than a few hours during one day. Once the pool is clear add chemicals as you normally do and the water should be ready for the season.


With proper maintenance pool filter sand will last from 5-7 years before needing to be replaced. Pool sand filters get more efficient with time. The sand traps fine particles during use, which in turn act as filtering media and improve the efficiency of the sand. New sand will not filter as well unless you help it along. The easiest way to bring your new sand up to speed is simple. Add a pound or two of diatomaceous earth, DE, to your skimmer when the pump is running. The DE is much finer than sand and will lodge in the filter sand and improves filtering right away. Your new sand should work just as well as the old.

These simple tips should help make opening your pool simpler, easier and cheaper so you can enjoy it as soon as weather permits.

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