Spring Tune-Up Tips For Swimming Pools in Mild Climates

by Pool Builders on 02-22-2010 in Articles

Spring is here and once again the hot sun is on it's way. After a long cold winter, most of us are looking forward to a summer of outdoor activities that includes enjoying the backyard swimming pool. But before sending out invitations for the first big pool party, take the time for a good spring tune up to make sure the water will remain crystal clear through the summer. For mild climates, use the following spring tune up checklist to help prepare the pool for the hot summer months to follow.

If you have had a pool cover on during the winter months, remove it and properly store it away. Inspect all the pool equipment for wear or damage and replace as required. Clean the main filter and inspect the cartridges or grids to see if they need replacement. For sand filters, backwash or replace the sand as instructed in the owner's manual. Once the filters are ready to go, turn on the equipment to test it out. Make sure the pump primes up properly and observe the equipment for any leaks or other maintenance issues.

Once the pool equipment is in good order, it's time to deal with the water chemistry. Using a test kit with new reagents, test all parameters of the water chemistry OR take a sample of the water to the local pool store for analysis. Once you have these figures, you can start gradually making adjustments to bring the water into the proper chemical balance. Balancing the chemicals according the Langelier Saturation Index will pay big dividends in the form of fewer long term problems and significantly decreased chemical usage. Most adjustments to pool water should be made gradually, so it could take several weeks to get the water perfectly balanced, but it's surely worth the effort.

Unless the water is way out of balance, it's time to shock the pool into shape for the summer. Super chlorinate to the point of breakpoint chlorination in order to oxidize any organic waste buildup. Be sure to run the filter for a minimum of 24 hours after super chlorination and don't allow any swimmers in the pool until the chlorine reading gets back to a normal range of around 3 - 5 ppm. Lastly, set the pool timers for summer mode to run a minimum of 6 - 8 hours for the typical pool.

The swimming pool should now be crystal clear and ready for the summer. By keeping a methodical maintenance routine through the summer that includes balanced water chemistry, proper sanitation, and a clean filter, it can be a stress free and cooler summer of enjoying the pool.

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