Spruce Up Your Pool or Balcony - Use Best Glass Panels and Solar Screens  

by Pool Builders on 07-12-2012 in Articles

Glass panels are often used around areas which need protection yet an unobstructed view. They serve much the same purpose as any other type of fence. Combine the usefulness of window solar screens with the best glass panels to beautify your outdoor area.

Home improvement ideas don't have to cause severe strain on your bank account in order to be money-saving improvements. Adding these items around your indoor pool or sunroom may actually help save money on heating and lighting.

Glass panels may be used nearly anywhere for any purpose. People who enjoy a fenced yard, but prefer a greater range of visibility, may benefit greatly from the installation of glass panels. They suit the purpose perfectly. Window solar screens may be used for privacy as needed.

Balconies or Sunrooms: Many homes in warm climates include an extra room called a Florida room or a sun room. These rooms are primarily made of windows or screens. They allow full visibility without the risk of small animals tearing holes in the screen. Window solar screens provide a great deal of privacy while still allowing full visibility from inside.

Swimming Pools: All swimming pools must be protected by a fence with a securely locking gate. Privacy fences block a lot of sunshine and prevent visibility, often making it feel less relaxing and more like a cage. Glass panel fencing eliminates the issue of shading and allows full access to the sun from every angle. Window solar screens provide the privacy you need, when you need it.

Office Buildings: Office buildings often allow smoking in designated areas. Open air areas left unprotected from the elements cause smokers to stand too close to openings, allowing smoke to enter the building. These products create an enclosed area, protected from wind, in which smokers may take their break.

High-rise Patios or Balconies: Cities have some of the most impressive views, especially when viewed from a high rise. Apartments with balconies utilize both steel and glass to create the illusion of open-air balconies.

Animal Enclosures: Zoos and other animal viewing areas use these arrangements to allow visitors to view animals. Protective measures must be followed to protect both the animals and their visiting humans.

Viewing Areas: Overlooks are often protected by wooden bridges or fences. Unfortunately wood rots over time, causing potentially dangerous circumstances for visitors. Falls from overlooks are often fatal, and may be prevented by the use of stronger, more reliable materials.

Indoor or Outdoor Stairways: Modern homes, or fixer-uppers, may be greatly improved by the addition of glass panels to stairways. They may be used to add stability and security to both indoor and outdoor stairways.

All home improvement projects require a fair amount of research to make sure you get the best deal possible. Shop around both offline and online to find the best products available. Locally owned companies are often your best bet when looking for great deals, rebates, and local installation.

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