Sta-Rite Pool Filters: Durability of the Product Is Ensured  

by Pool Builders on 08-03-2011 in Articles

When you are maintaining a pool and you are not aware of the cleaning process of the pool, then you are making your pool one unhygienic place for the swimmers. Thus, being a pool owner, you need to be very much conscious about the proper maintenance of the swimming pool. Any kind of debris and impurities can make your pool look untidy, even from outside it. Moreover, when pool is found to be very dirty, then you are mostly like to go lost inside the pool and no one can find you out even while you are drowning and this kind of murky water is dreadful for kids.

So, for a pool owner, pool filters are found to be one of the biggest assets and they should be bought after considering many things for cleaning and maintaining the pool. If we discuss about quality pool filters, then two names definitely come in our mind and they are sta-rite pool filters and hayward cartridge filters.

Sta-rite pool filters are very popular for their durability. Though choosing any filter for your pool's maintenance is quite a daunting task, but after choosing this brand, pool owners become highly satisfied. We can find many sizes and types of pools filters from this brand and they are found to come in several capacities.

But in general, there are basic three types of pool filters found in the market and each of them is good for specific type of aquatic set ups.

Sand filters: In this kind of filter, tank is almost filled with 2/3 percent of graded sand. In this kind of filter, there is an inlet, which brings in the water and then it diffuses it on the top of the sand bed, through the diffuser. And thus, when water goes through the sand, any kind of dirt and debris is trapped within the sand grains. When the water gets accumulated at the bottom of the tank and it goes through the laterals into the pool.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters: This kind of filter comes with a canister and this canister has network of tubes or filters. Also it comes with many plates inside it. These plates and fingers come with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) inside it, which is a fine white powder of crushed sea fossils or diatoms, and is useful for trapping the dirt and debris.

Cartridge filters: This kind of filter includes paper-type cartridge inside a cylindrical tank and unfiltered water gets soaked through the paper cartridge into the interior. And all impurities remain outside the cartridge.

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