Start Faster and Win Your Swim Race

by Pool Builders on 09-16-2010 in Articles

If you want to have a faster and productive swim-start, there are three techniques that you can you can use that will make your swim-start faster and smarter. The three techniques include using your legs to jump of the starting blocks, diving into the water, and using your body to propel yourself once you enter the water. I will explain each of these three concepts ans show you how you can use these concepts to get into the water faster.

One of the most important aspects in a swim race is your start. The most important aspect of your start is using your legs. Your legs are what propel you off the starting blocks. There are two main ways that swimmers start of the blocks. The most effective way is when in your starting stance is to leverage your weight so you explode off the blocks into the water. You are exploding of the blocks into the water as fast and as far as you can. You want to have enough strength in your legs to push yourself as far as you can off the starting blocks. My coaches used to tell me that you want to try to touch the flags that hang over the pool. This is true because you want to get as much distance as you can before you enter the water.

When you dive into the water it's very important that you have good technique. Swimming is all about the least resistance as possible when in the water. As you enter the water you want have your hands on top of each other and your arms straight out above your head. Your body should be in a streamlined position. As you enter the water you want your fingertips to enter the water first, followed by your arms, head, body, etc. The point of entry should have little to no splash, remember we want the least amount of resistance possible when entering the water. After we have gotten of the starting block and have gotten into the water we are now ready to propel ourselves through the water before we start our strokes.

Now that we're in the water it's important that we know how to propel our body while we are underneath the water before we start our strokes. This part of the race is the second most important part of a swim race. When your underneath the water it is important to keep your body as streamlined as possible. Don't come up for air just yet we still have work to do. Keep your body streamlined and use a dolphin kick to propel yourself before surfacing. Use this method for a good 10-15 yards underneath the water. This might sound strange but it's true you'll be faster under the water at this point than you would be above it.

Your legs are what get you off the starting blocks, so we want to explode off the blocks. The way we dive into the water is very important because we want the least amount of resistance possible when entering the water. When we enter the water we want to use our body to propel ourselves underneath the water using a dolphin kick. Put these principles to use in your swim training, and you should be on the right track to a fast start.

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