Start Swimming to Lose Belly Fat

by Pool Builders on 11-17-2011 in Articles

When you were a kid, you probably spent hours every summer swimming in a pool, if not in a river, a lake or the beautiful ocean. Playing in the water with your friends was so much fun that you probably did not realize how beneficial the low impact exercise was for your body. Every time you go for a swim, you are working out every muscle in your body, while getting a fabulous aerobic exercise. If you dislike the high impact strain on your joints caused from running or jogging, swimming can be your ideal method to lose belly fat quickly.

Swimming can be marvelous for helping you slim down your physique. Splashing around in either fresh or saltwater is one of the best methods of exercising to relive any pain on leg joints, a common problem with overweight men and women. Your heart and lungs get a fabulous workout as well. To begin swimming for fast weight loss, it always helps to be prepared. Get yourself a good swimsuit, perhaps look for a polyester one for durability. Snug, yet comfortable goggles are important to protect your eyes from chlorine, fish droppings and a variety of foreign substances from irritating your eyes.

When it comes to starting your swimming routine for weight loss, do not jump right into the deep end. Begin slowly, perhaps by swimming laps in a pool. With time, you can increase your speed, as well as your number of reps. Doctors recommend swimming for at least 30 minutes a day, four days a week, to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, along with stress. With time, you can begin swimming more and more often. As a direct result, your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes will be cut in half.

In the water, your technique is crucial. Even if you have been swimming to lose weight for many years, you can probably improve your technique. Perhaps find a swimming instructor to offer you tips on your style and speed. The more weight you lose, the more enjoyable swimming can become.

Start by swimming at a steady speed for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, and begin again. Repeat the routine ten times. You can also rely on an inexpensive kickboard to do the same exercise, but concentrating on your leg muscles. As the weeks progress, you should add some variety to your little routine. Swim for longer periods of time before you rest your lungs. You can also perform the same exercise with the backstroke, the breaststroke and the butterfly. Purchasing a waterproof watch is also a good investment.

When depending on swimming to burn fat, you should always set realistic goals for yourself. If you set a goal too high, you may get frustrated and throw in the towel. Nobody wants that. After all, you should be having fun while slimming down your physique in the water. Find a friend to join you in your swim, and help you stay motivated to jump in. Almost all public pools have swimming groups and races for you to take part in. Regardless of your age, sex or fitness level, you can find some exciting and competitive water activities to take part in. Just open the phone book, or utilize Google. Your cardiovascular system and your muscles will only get stronger from swimming to lose weight quickly.

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