Starter Necessities for Children Who Want to Commence Swimming Lessons  

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2014 in Articles

Watching your child swim is a moment of great pride. There are many reasons to enrol your child in swimming lessons besides pride, however. It is a safety issue, for one, as they will be at less risk of accidental drowning. It is also a great way to give your children plenty of physical activity. Although the sport is reasonably undemanding, there are a few starter things you will need to get for your child in order to take part in these lessons.

What to Get

If you want your child to keep their hair dry, you will need to purchase a swimming cap. If this is what you go for, make sure it is a good quality one with a tip. Put some talcum powder in the tip, making it easier to take on and off and ensuring your child's scalp does not dry out. This is particularly important if your child has skin problems.

Next, purchase a pair of goggles. These will stop your child's eyes from getting irritated by the chlorine in the pool. Furthermore, most children do not like opening their eyes under water, which can be remedied by giving them goggles. Do make sure the goggles are of good quality and that they are comfortable to wear.

Speak to your instructor about other things that they may need. You will, naturally, need a swimming costume. Floatation devices are generally not needed. Although they are used during classes to teach children specific movements, they are usually provided by the pool itself. The problem with forcing your child to wear floatation devices is that they become dependent on them and will struggle to learn how to swim properly after that.

What to Do

You may feel quite anxious about allowing your child to get into the pool. However, remember that your child will pick up on your nerves and will feel far more confident if you exult an aura of encouragement instead. Keep in mind that the instructor is properly trained and that your child is in very safe hands. Your child will love it if you stay and watch, but if you feel too nervous, it may be better to simply step away. Most pools have spectators' galleries where you can sit and watch the lesson.

With these tips, you will make sure that your child enjoys learning how to swim. Keep in mind that you are allowing them to learn something absolutely vital to their future development as well. This is what it means to be a parent.

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