Stay Safe in the Pool This Summer

by Pool Builders on 01-29-2011 in Articles

It's swimming season once again, and in preparation we've got the pool cleaner out, the beers in the fridge and the hunt is on for that elusive 'perfect swim suit'!

There's nothing more enjoyable that kicking back in the family pool with your friends and family close by. The fun you can have is nearly endless, but there is a serious side to swimming that means that you have to be vigilant and prepared in case things go wrong. There are several things to consider in terms of pool safety, and here are a few tips to make sure you're aware and prepared this Summer.

Prevention is Better than a Cure

The best way to encourage pool safety is to prevent any children from being able to access the pool without an adult present. You can do this by installing high fences with child-proof locks. Many a tragedy has occurred through children being unable to resist the lure of a pool and jumping in the deep end beyond their swimming capabilities. It's a regulation associated with owning a backyard pool that you need to have adequate fencing, but instead of just getting the minimum requirements, make sure your fencing takes into account the fact that smaller children may attempt to gain access--and provides as large an obstacle as possible.

Be Prepared

Accidents happen around the pool, and having a first aid kit handy to see to any injuries, big or small, is a good idea. Try to implement a certain standard of behaviour around your pool such as no running, no glass within a certain radius and no diving--a lot of accidents happen when people think they can dive in a pool that is actually not deep enough and end up with broken noses, concussions, or in extreme cases, can damage or snap their neck or spinal chord. It's a good idea to prohibit diving altogether, but if you really want to dive, install a depth indicator so that at least people know where the deepest part of the pool is.

Creepy Crawlies Should Only Be The Mechanical Kind

It's all well and good to invest in a pool-cleaning 'creepy crawly' that automatically makes its way across the bottom of the pool and vacuums dirt, but that is definitely the only type of creepy crawly you want in your pool! In Australia, bugs and insects aren't just annoying, they can be deadly, so it's important to keep your pool bug-free and regularly check hiding places like the pool pump and around the sides of the pool to ensure no-one gets a nasty bite!

Taking the time to think about pool safety and the things that can go wrong in your family pool can save lives. Pool safety can mean the difference between life and death, and things like having a resuscitation chart, only using a hard pool cover (soft covers can further entangle someone and hinder their survival) and enforcing strict behavioural codes will ensure the only times spent in your pool are happy ones.

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