Stay Safe this Summer: A Checklist for UV Protective Swimwear  

by Pool Builders on 03-06-2012 in Articles

Before you head to the beach or pool, it's important to stock up on UV protective swimwear. More ultraviolet radiation reaches the earth's surface than it did years ago, so it is critical that we take steps to protect ourselves. According to the World Health Organization, by the year 2020 some parts of the world will have about 10 percent more ultraviolet radiation reaching them than they did 40 years before that. This staggering increase means that if we want to spend time in the sun, we've got to cover up€"and not just with regular swimwear, but with UV protective swimwear instead.

Here are the items you should have before you're headed poolside or ocean-side for the summer:

€ Rash guard or swim shirt €" It may be tempting to bare plenty of skin this summer, but all you are doing is opening yourself up to a greater risk of skin cancer. Keep that skin covered in order to prevent serious skin problems.

€ Board shorts €" It is certainly understandable that you might not want to completely cover your legs, but you can limit the amount of skin that is exposed by wearing board shorts, which tend to be longer than the average swimsuit.

€ Wide-brimmed hat €" UV protective swimwear should also keep you safe from the sun while you're out of the water, so keep the shoulders and back of the neck protected with a wide-brimmed hat.

€ Sunglasses with EPF €" EPF is the eyeglass version of SPF, which most people recognize from their sunscreen bottles. Ten is the highest EPF rating. Remember that you can't tell much about how well a pair of sunglasses will protect yourself from the sun by simply looking at how dark the lenses are. The only way you will know is by reading the label to see what the EPF rating. Also be sure to purchase a pair that protects against both UVA and UVB radiation because both can be damaging.

It may be rather difficult to find a store that carries these items, but it is certainly worth the effort. As more and more consumers take the time to seek out these items, retailers will begin to realize that there is a demand for these items and start to make them more readily available. So vote with your wallet as it's been said, to show retailers that you want UV protective swimwear because you're concerned about high levels of sun exposure.

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