Stay Tuned with Water Aerobics  

by Pool Builders on 09-27-2009 in Articles

Aerobics refers to the exercises that make use of large muscle groups in a human body and can be carried out continuously in a particular rhythm. Aerobic exercise helps to burn fat faster than any other exercise. These exercises are long in duration and low in intensity and they include walking, talking and swimming.

Water aerobics are the exercises that are actually rhythmic dance steps that are performed in chest deep water. You can also do water aerobics alone or in a group and work on the body parts that need more consideration. You can also carry out your aerobic workouts in water tempo or also without it.

Benefits of Water Aerobics:

* Exercising in water reduces the risk of injury as water is there to support it.

* The flotation places less stress on the joints when you stretch yourself during the exercise and can give you space to move about freely.

* Doing water aerobics helps you can cool down and can prevent overheating. Water aerobics' helps to enhance cardio vascular fitness and muscular endurance. It is the perfect exercise for all body parts like chest, abdomen and back.

* Doing aerobic exercises makes it easy to condition the heart and lungs as it increases the body's oxygen level and this makes the heart and lungs function more effectively.

* Aerobic exercises help reduce weight and also help in toning the muscles and increase the body mass altogether.

* Aerobic exercise also has many psychological benefits for instance it reduces tension and helps to improve your mood.

* People of all ages can participate in aerobic activities as it is equally beneficial for all and makes life easy to live.

Equipment Required For Aerobics:

* You need to wear a swim suit for aerobic exercises as they give you the freedom to move freely and participate in all the different types of exercises.

* Water aerobic shoes prevent you from getting injured.

* Swimming goggles and a swimming cap are also required so that you can be protected from the effects of harmful chemicals that are used to filter the swimming pool.

Water Aerobics is a fun filled exercise program that keeps you in shape and also entertains you in the process. For those lazy bums who would love to swim in the pool rather than those that would like to workout in the gym water aerobics is a real relaxing and soothing approach to getting rid of excess weight.

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