Steps To Install Solar Swimming Pool Heater  

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2014 in Articles

The swimming pool heaters are very hot among people but they were expensive so now people have been shifted toward the solar swimming pool heaters. We have made a real comparison due to which you would come to know about the difference between the both. Once you have decided to purchase a solar heater and install it in your pool then an experienced and licensed professional is required to perform the task. A professional can install the heater in a way that it works effectively according to the standards of the industry. Here are some steps with the help of which you can install a solar heater in the swimming pool.
€ It is seen that a large number of home owners install swimming pools on the top of roof or on the ground. The roof tops are preferred for solar panels as the sunlight is available in abundance as compare to that of ground. It is not all the time that people install swimming pools on roof tops because there might be less space, the limitation of sunlight due to which they have to select other areas for installation. In such cases the home owners install solar panels on the ground. Whatever the location of pool is the solar panels should be placed in such a way that they can have maximum amount of sunlight.
€ The solar system must be installed before chlorinators and pumps to get benefits from the chlorine. The solar system should be installed after filters and pool pumps to prevent hair, dirt and bacteria from clogging. The T-pipe fitting and three way valve is connected to the system of circulation before chlorinators and after filter and pool pumps. The homeowner should direct the water of swimming pool to the solar panels when heat is required. The solar panels can also be isolated from the pool when they don't want to heat the water of the pool.
The circulation system is connected by the T-pipe fitting immediately after the three valves. It enables the water to return to the pool both from the solar panels and from the circulation system.
€ The size of the solar panels to the swimming pool should be appropriate to get maximum benefits out of it. It is a standard rule that the solar panels combine area is equal to the surface area of the swimming pool. The selection of solar heater company should be done wisely. It is better to select a licensed company which can install heaters because it will meet the industry codes as well.
These are some basic things when you are going to install a solar heater in your pool. You are not going
to install it on your own so you should handle the situation and select the apparatus with great care.

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