Steps To Maintain Water Chemistry in Pools

by Pool Builders on 03-18-2012 in Articles

Understanding how to maintain water chemistry is the key aspect to a healthy and clean swimming pool. The following guide describes straightforward steps and significant facts related with treatment of pool water to enable you to give your pool that same care as a costly professional without costing a fortune.

Step #1 - Select right pool chlorine for efficient sensitization

Chlorine is a principal method used by nearly all swimming pool owners to keep pool water clean and hygienic. It helps in getting rid of harmful pollutants by amalgamating with the bacteria and other unsanitary organics present in water on a molecular level. There is a large variety of chlorine available in the market, but chlorine pool tablets are popular among most swimming pool owners due to their easy availability and cost-effectiveness.

Step #2 - Add the chlorine tablets in your pool

Tablets can be added to a pool by a floating chlorine feeder or automatic chemical feeder, which is easily available from any distributer that deals in pool supplies. These feeders ration out a fixed amount of chlorine little by little, providing total control on the amount being added to water. This is the safest way to add chlorine tablets or sticks in to the pool. Simply dumping it in the pool is a big no-no as large amount of chlorine can cause skin and eye irritation and other unwanted malfunctions.

Step #3 - Reaching out the correct water pH level

To keep the pool healthy and safe to swim, maintaining correct water pH level is must. The standard pH level of any swimming pool ought to be between 7.2 - 7.6. If going swimming inside your pool leads to your eyes burn, it means that pH level is either too high or extremely low. You may test pH levels with a drop type test kit or a test strip. If you discover that pH degree in water is very high, you may reduce it by gradually pouring Hydrochloric acid, which can be bought from any distributer that deals in pool supplies.

Using correct pool products and sustaining their correct levels is vital to both the preservation of your pool and your capability to rightly enjoy it. The above mentioned steps offer some significant do-it-yourself techniques as an alternative to spending large amount in hiring a specialist. To get a great deal on supplies like pool chlorine, test kit, feeder etc. you may search for a reputed e-store online.

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