Still Think It's Too Cold For A Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2013 in Articles

Well with the winter the United Kingdoms just had you may think it crazy to consider buying a swimming pool right now, however due to the cold winter we have had it is actually a great time to go out and buy one, as due to the poor weather manufacturers and dealers alike are offering some great deals to boost their summer sales - plus we have been having some great weather over the past couple of weeks!

So if you have always wanted your own above ground swimming pool, but maybe never quite had the budget to afford one then maybe this is the right year for you to be able to afford one. Indeed the latest technology has meant that the prices of above ground swimming pools has never been more affordable. Indeed you can now purchase an easy set pool that is 10ft in diameter, and 30" in height (Ideal for cooling down on hot days, or for teaching little ones to learn to swim in) for under £35, and you buy a large 20ft by 12ft easy set pool for just over £400 - and that is one that is big enough to swim properly in! You will find a wide range of swimming pools at every price point in between the two.

Also these above ground pools are pretty much idiot proof to assemble with the easy set ones simply requiring you to inflate the top of the pool and place a hose pipe inside it to fill it with water and connect two hoses to connect the water filter pump. What more could be easier?

The great advantage of these types of pools in the United Kingdom is that at these prices they are very easy to afford, and this means even though the pool many be used for a few months during the summer they are worth serious consideration. In addition they can easily be taken down and stored inside during the winter months, just remember to keep the original box they came with to store them easily over the winter months.

If after one of the worst winters on record in the United Kingdom you are maybe thinking that it is a little too cold for a pool this summer, then you will find that at these prices then you can easily afford to take a risk on buying one on the grounds that traditionally very cold winters have been followed by very hot summers. Also if a hot summer does not come along you can take them down in no time.

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