Stop Water Freezing Damage to Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 08-05-2010 in Articles

Water damage is a major concern for all homeowner, not just those who own swimming pools. However, for people who do have swimming pools, it is important to follow safety guidelines when winterizing the pool in order to avoid costly damage that frozen water can cause. To stop water freezing damage to your swimming pool, cover it up, stop the flow of water, drain it efficiently and check it regularly.

The first step in stopping water damage is draining the pool of all its water. There is no reason to keep a pool full of water in the offseason because unless it's a hot tub, which cannot freeze due to the water being constantly heated, people tend to not go swimming in the winter. Drain the pool of water completely, leaving as little residue in the base as possible.

After a person drains their pool, the next thing to do is get in there and give is a good cleaning. What is meant by cleaning is that a person should wipe down the entire interior of the pool to make sure that all water residues are soaked up into rags and other types of water absorbent materials. This is the only way to make sure that water is completely gone.

Immediately following this last step, it is important to cover pool with its protective canopy. This is so that moisture in the air or a sudden rain shower does not impede the work you just did in the first two steps. Pool covers should be fastened tightly and securely over the entire open space of the pool so that water cannot find its way into the dry base of the pool.

Finally, after these steps are completed, a person should shut off the water supply that goes to the pool. This step is only for in-ground pools with their own water supplies running to them. This is a step that should be done before general pool maintenance is completed so that water residue in the pipes does not filter any extra water into the pool.

Water damage occurs when water freezes and expands causing pipes to burst or the base of a pool to crack. Never let winter come without properly preparing a pool. In-ground pools are at risk because cracks in the foundation can be expensive to repair and above ground pools can explode. Stop water freezing damage to your swimming pool by winterizing it properly.

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