Streamline Position for Competitive Swimming

by Pool Builders on 05-12-2012 in Articles

The streamline position is single-handedly the most important position in all of competitive swimming. The reason is because in this position the swimmer will be more hydrodynamic than in any other position in the water. Swimmers will work their whole career on their positioning in the water, so to have a good streamline is a great start. Humans are not very hydrodynamic or efficient when swimming from the start, this is because we are land creatures, not meant for swimming. Therefore if we can just improve our streamline, we will have already began to become a better swimmer much quicker than swimming thousands of laps in the pool.

The occasions that you will use streamline are the start and turns, but you should always be focusing on where your body is in the water. Are you sitting high or low? Is your head too far forward? These are all things that should be considered not only while performing your underwater body undulations, but also when you are on the surface swimming.

To form the streamline position, first put both feet together and stand up straight, lengthening out the spine. Then take your hands and position them on top of each other. Once you have done this, squeeze your head in between your biceps. You must make sure that you head lies in line with your spine, assuring that you are flat in the water. If you were to stand against a wall, your back should be able to lie flat against the wall. If it does not, then you need to readjust the positioning of your arms, hips and spine.

This is the fastest position in swimming. You will never travel faster during your race than when you first dive in or when you push off of a wall. That is why we are trying to get in the more hydrodynamic position in order to bring down the drag and allow you to move at your max speed for the longest amount of time. By lengthening this time you spend in streamline dolphin kicking off the start or turn, you will drastically limit the amount of energy that you are draining to go that yardage. Also, if you had been practicing these underwater body undulations, this should not tax your lungs too terribly. Obviously, this gives you a great advantage to be able to move faster while expending little energy or oxygen.

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