Submersible Pool Lights  

by Pool Builders on 06-21-2011 in Articles

No matter if you have an in ground, or above ground pool, there are many different reasons and benefits of installing submersible pool lights. Submersible lights are completely sealed, so there are no worries about accidental shock. A few of the reasons to buy them is that there are many different varieties of these lights available, both with Halogen bulbs, and even LED light bulbs.
While Halogen is what many people think of when it comes to submersible pool lights, now days, submersible lights are offered in LED high intensity bulbs. These lights are smaller, use much less electricity, and put out almost the same lumens that a Halogen light will produce. One of the biggest differences between the two, other than the energy savings, is that Halogen bulbs have a tendency to get hot, even under water. Most of these kinds of bulbs put off as much heat as they do light, and this can greatly affect the life of the bulb itself. With Halogen, you also run the risk of getting burned if you accidentally touch the light when swimming. Most of the LED energy goes into the light instead.
Another reason to buy submersible pool lights is for your own safety. Many people who own a pool often like to enjoy it on warm Summer evenings, and with submersible lights, you can swim and see where you are going, as well as safely get in and out of it. This means that you can extend your time in the pool, and in the middle of the night when you are awake, these lights can help you see what you're doing.
Another reason to buy these lights is that they come in an assortment of colors, so you don't have to be stuck with plain white lights. Some submersible pool lights can even change colors, giving off a great effect. They can add ambiance to your outdoor pool.
When you are looking for good submersible pool lights, it is important that you really shop around. These submersible lights usually come in sets, and the more lights in a set, the more affordable they are. You also have to make sure they are Underwriter's Laboratories approved, and have insulated cords that are long enough to reach your electrical outlets.
One example of submersible pool lights is the Hayward, Colorlogic Pool Light. These submersible lights have five fixed colors, in various sizes, and are able to be enhanced, to allow color changing. This pool light is powered by LED bulbs, and this will provide not only exceptional light, but also is one of the most energy efficient lights on the market. This light has a stainless steel housing, is rated for 120 volts, and comes with a 100' power cord. This product sells for around $675 at most retailers.
This is just one example of the many submersible pool lights [] to choose from. Some of the different brands of submersible lights available are Jandy, Pentair, and of course Hayward. Each company offers a wide range of pool and spa lights, for both above and in ground pool systems.

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