Summer Days Promise Fun With Pool Games and Toys!

by Pool Builders on 04-12-2010 in Articles

While the true start of summer seems far off, it is never too early to plan ahead for months of fun in the pool. Some folks grew up in the times of pool games and toys, like "Marco Polo," driving parents crazy with the incessant yelling. Now, there are many entertaining options that require little but a good set of lungs or even better a small air compressor.

A huge variety of inflatables are available that are easy to use and fun for the whole family. Made of durable vinyl and sturdy plastics, kids can pretend they are riding a sea horse or racing sharks in the water. For older kids and teens, blow-up teeter totters, logs and climbing walls provide more of a challenge. To make these pool games and toys easy to use, mini air compressors are available that fill these with efficiency and allow for more fun time in the pool and fewer light-headed parents!

In addition to the floating fun, lots of sports options are on the market for the summer season. Basketball hoops that float are a blast as are water polo nets and volleyball sets. These are exciting for kids to play in small groups or families and parties can create their own tournaments! These will provide hours of great exercise and safe competition for as few as two and up to a whole crowd! A super summer party idea is to create a pool Olympics!

For kids who love to dive and swim underwater, a vast selection of pool games and toys exist! Everything from darts to torpedoes to rings can be bought and offer the extra challenge of diving below and searching for these treasures. Variety packs are a great option and include many different objects to hide and seek!

With any pool games and toys, safety is always a concern. Accomplished swimmers or lifeguards should always be present when kids are playing. For those less accomplished swimmers, many swimming aids are offered to keep the fun safe. Life jackets and swim trainers are sold in sizes from infant to adult and in a broad price range. Inner tubes, kickboards, goggles, and swim diapers can also be purchased for stability, better vision and cleanliness in the water.

So don't wait, start stocking up to ensure a full season of summer fun!

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