Summer Holidays in Barmer-Presence of Temples in Abundance Is the Highlight of This Area  

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When you wish to move on a tour, you will have to pick the destination first of all, later which you need to decide the choice of travel option and also the option of reserving the rooms play the role here. When your choice of destination is Barmer, then the option of picking Summer holidays in Barmer is the right choice to go.

There are number of destinations present here in the place of Barmer. The very first destination to visit over here includes Nakoda Temple. This is also knowable as Parshwanath temple. This place is the prime pilgrimage centre of Jain, whereby the temple holds the statue which is made of black stone that is the image of Parshvanath. The temple was very much older that it should be approximately around 2300 years.

Then you must pay a visit to Meva Nagar, which was earlier knowable as Viranipur. This is situated on the very slopes of Nagar-Ki-Bhakarian. This is only at a distance of around 9 km from the place of Balotra. This place holds Jain temples which are numbered in three.

Swimming pool to rejoice:

Then you must visit Neemari. This is the garden which is around 23 km from the place of Barmer, located on Chohatan route. There is a presence of swimming pool over here, which attracts the tourists over here.

Then you must pay a visit to Kiradu Ancient temple, which are actually 5 temples in the group, whereby these are situated in Hathma village. The inscription over here states that this place is earlier knowable as Kiratkoop, which is at a distance of around 39 km from the place of Barmer. The very largest among these 5 temples are Someshwara temple, whereby it's dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is the one among the Trinity Gods. The inner chamber of the temple holds the God, which is placed on the lotus i.e. that is reverse shaped. The rest of the 4 temples are dedicated to both Vishnu and Shiva.

Jain temples are highlight:

Then, you must visit Juna Jain temples. Juna Barmer is a very small location present between the peaks. There is the presence of Jain temples which are the attraction over here, which turned to be built during 12th and 13th century.

Then you must visit Devka Sun Temple, which is very small village, situated at the distance of 62 km from the place of Barmer. There is a Vishnu temple over here, which is knowable for its architecture. There is also some other temples which are in ruined state.

Then you must visit Safed Akhara. This is a garden also holding the presence of Siddeshwara Mahadev Temple.

Then you should also visit Rani Bhatiani temple, which is in Jasol. This is at a distance of around 158 km from the place of Barmer, also it was ruled earlier by Rajput clan.

Thus Summer holidays in Barmer can be a nice option to move on.

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