Summer Parties in Our Above Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-04-2010 in Articles

Summer season has never been the same since we set up a swimming pool at home. Parties and other events with family and friends have become even more enjoyable with a "watering hole" around. More than just a form of entertainment for the family, I would also consider having a swimming pool a lifestyle. You may want to invest in one yourself to appreciate its value and benefit for you and your family.

There are two general types of swimming pools. One is the in-ground which needs licensed professionals to set up. In-ground types are permanent fixtures meaning these cannot be moved.

The other type is above-ground pool. This type is easier to install. While professionals can set this up, even the skilled homeowner can set it up right at home with relative ease.

If you were to ask me, I would recommend an above-ground type for many reasons. On the top of my list is its cost. An above ground type cost just about 10% of an in ground one. For the family that puts budget on its priority list, an above ground kit will suit that requirement.

An above ground pool is easy to install as it does not need pool professionals to set them up. As easy it is to set up an above ground kit, it can be taken apart just as easy, making it movable to any level ground and available space.

There are two types of above ground pools available in the market. Both are easy to install and offer just the same fun and excitement to the family.

A hard sided pool offers a wide variety of depths and sizes. Hard sided pools are mostly constructed with metal sheet frames. Metal rails are set on the top walls to ensure stability and strength. Pool liners are made of high strength vinyl to hold pool water.

The more popular above ground pool nowadays is the soft sided pool. There are rectangular, round and oval shapes available in this type of pool. These are less expensive compared to hard sided pools but these are also as durable and resistant to tears and punctures. Typically, it only takes a few hours to assemble a soft sided pool.

Get the most out of your above ground pool with proper maintenance and accessories.

To maintain dirt-free and clean pool water, your pool needs a water pump. This serves as a filtration system as it pumps water out and back in through a filter that catches dirt and debris. Pool cleaners and chemicals are also available to help maintain clean pool water. You may want to ask your pool dealer for some help on what will suit your needs.

You may also want to extend your pool usage beyond summer through some parts or spring and fall by installing a pool heater. A heater added to your above ground pool ensures that you dive into warm, comfortable water. It would also make sense to buy a swimming pool cover. It not only keeps dirt and debris away from you pool. It can also help maintain to a certain extent the desired temperature of your pool.

Having a pool at home can change your lifestyle. What I can guarantee you is that it is only for the better.

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