Summer Pool Safety

by Pool Builders on 07-07-2011 in Articles

Summer is the season when a swimming pool recreational facility is at its busiest. Men, women, senior citizens, teenagers and most especially children flock at the pool garden during these times. For most adults, a swimming pool is where they can unwind, practice a few strokes and bask in the sun, while senior citizens consider it a therapeutic as well as relaxing leisure area. On the other hand, teenagers enjoy the poolside as it is a good place to socialize; however, children mostly visit the swimming pool to tag along with their parents and take swimming lessons for the most part.

If you have just enrolled your child in swimming lessons, here are some guidelines that you should take note of before allowing him to take a swim in the public water recreational facility.

  • There are at least twenty people in the swimming pool and although lifeguards may be present, they are not watching your child at all times. So talk to your children and teach them about water as well as pool safety, especially if they do not know how to swim by themselves yet.
  • If you are not swimming with your child, make sure that he is in sight from where you are staying. Do not situate too far away from the water and position yourself near the pool fence so you can easily see what is going on in the water.
  • A reputable swimming pool facility will have swimming pool fencing installed as it is required by law. With swimming pool fences, the risk of your smaller children or even pets to go near or fall into the water will be diminished. So you will have nothing to worry about when relaxing by the poolside.
  • When visiting a public swimming pool or even your own, see to it that you remind your children or guests that the pool is a place to have fun as well as a drowning and slipping hazard. Don't forget to put up signs that will remind swimmers about the possibilities of injuries and if you are in a recreational area, make sure your children know what the signs mean and where they are located which is usually in the fence panels.
  • Know your children's limits and remind them of it especially when it comes to swimming pool depth. If they do not know how to swim, supervise them in the water or let them wear floaters.

Swimming is a fun activity and is made enjoyable for everyone by practicing safety and discipline.

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