Summer! Time to Focus on Outdoor Swimming Pools!

by Pool Builders on 06-08-2009 in Articles

Here's where all the expense and hard work of installing and maintaining an outdoor swimming pool pays off - IT"S SUMMER TIME!

Desert climate dwellers can put desert landscaping projects on hold (too taxing on plants and humans to do much toiling in the sun!) and enjoy any outdoor swimming pool; above-ground, inground, even baby pools and sprinkler toys can bring play and joy to the desert summer.

Tips to incorporating water playtime into your summer:

Any time is a good time to be outside in the summer!

Shake up your weekend, enjoy an outdoor or poolside breakfast or brunch. Use the plasticware, serve fresh fruits and breads, go with fresh lemonade and tea instead of orange juice and coffee - instead of breakfast in bed, try a lazy breakfast in a lounge float! In the cooler times of day, water temperature feels relatively warmer making for a delightful variation of contrast.

Mark your calendar for full moon nights, and enjoy the sounds of a summer night by the light of the moon. Splashing or floating in the pool, with just the high contrast shadows from the sun's reflection as the light source, is a powerful and unique sensory experience - enjoy it with family and friends.

You've earned your status as "ultimate backyard in the neighborhood," enjoy it!

Getting together with people you enjoy and love should be a regular and treasured part of life, and summer pool parties are a perfect occasion. They don't need to involve too much time or expense on the part of the host, just creativity and a willingness to share. Make it a potluck, or a "bring your own everything," or assign "team captains" from outside the family for refreshments or games.

Encourage yourself and other adults to play. Nothing brings back a sense of youth and vigor than play. When was the last time you giggled over a sprinkler toy, or had a blindfolded water float race? It's a good thing to be silly, be creative and indulge in activities which aren't the pinnacle of skill and grace!

Don't let this summer pass by without planning as many opportunities as you can to make memories in your outdoor swimming pool. Commit to being happy and enjoying the full days and nights of summer in your desert landscaping getaway.

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