Summertime Purchases: Pool Supplies, Furniture, and More  

by Pool Builders on 05-20-2013 in Articles

Summertime means spending money on things such as pool supplies and accessories. It can get to be quite expensive, but there are ways to find more affordable alternatives. Taking the time to learn how and where to get affordable prices is the first step in this process. There is no need to go broke on items you only use for three months a year.

The Various Pool Supplies
There are different types of items that you may need depending on who will be using it. Children need toys and fun floaties. Adults potentially need to have something to lay on in it and something to keep items safe on while they are swimming. If you want to have a nice area to spend summer nights, then it would be beneficial to have Tiki torches that has fluid in it that keep mosquitoes away. You may want to acquire umbrellas for during the day and covers for when you are not using it.

If you have a nice area and like to invite people over to the home during the summer, then you should acquire furniture. There are so many different options out there. There are comfortable, waterproof lounges. There are regular chairs, tables, and even benches that could make that area more of a summertime oasis.

Think about inflatable furniture for while you are swimming. Enjoy a day in the water with a comfortable lounge that has a spot to put a tasty beverage. If it is big enough, there could be multiple lounges.

There are ways to make the area look really good. Tiki torches can really change the feel. Some people put seasonally relevant strings of lights up around the area, which makes it more interesting and safe to spend those beautiful summer nights outside. There are also lights that can be charged by the sun, which can be placed throughout the location that makes it brighter. It is always wonderful to have a lit path and this can help make it safer for everyone.

There are plants that can be used for decorations. Pick plants that thrive better in heat and a lot of sunlight. There could be a small tree or two put out there in pots. Natural shade is a great way to provide ways to hide from a blazing sun.

Other pool supplies including cleaning items. Making sure that you keep up with cleaning the filter and pool itself makes it easier to have a clean pool. There are natural alternatives to chlorine when it comes to cleaning. It is up to you as to what exactly you want to use, but keeping up with the maintenance is worth every second.

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